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A Face Behind the Brand: Meet Diego Meraviglia

Diego Meraviglia

Diego Meraviglia is the Business Development Manager of Premium Solutions at Avery Dennison in North America. With almost 2 years in the business, he's already seen brands, converters, and designers demand more premium, sustainable, and organic products.

“Premiumization and sustainability are key. In spite of the fact that people are happy with less, they expect better. Demand for premium labels is expected to increase in the coming years, and customers are willing to invest more in labels that improve shelf appeal and performance as well as being more environmentally friendly”.

Aside from shelf appeal, Diego understands the importance of brand narrative and is seeing brands and designers increasingly recognize the importance of telling stories through labels. “It is becoming increasingly common for brands to use labels to communicate their histories, origins, and even to raise awareness of social issues that are important to them. And designers help articulate these creatively while choosing label materials based more on content than aesthetics”. 

Among Diego's favorite Avery Dennison label materials is Fasson® Eggshell Felt WS FSC®, an uncoated matt paper with a felt finish - a perfect blend of aesthetics, texture, and contemporary design. It also features additives that increase resistance to wrinkling and shriveling in moist environments. It is available in North America. 

Regarding sustainability in the labeling industry, Diego predicts a continuous move towards more environmentally friendly self-adhesive materials like PCW, and raw materials with origin stories.

Get in touch with Diego to learn more about Avery Dennison's diverse product line, and discover which solution is best for your unique requirements.