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A Face Behind the Brand: Meet Janice Chang

Janice Chang

Janice Chang is the Junior Product Manager Premium Solutions Labels and Packaging Materials, Europe, at Avery Dennison. She has been with the company for six months and has already noticed a push for more sustainable portfolios and supporting sustainability initiatives throughout the industry.

“The need for premium experience will continue to increase, and customers have the financial capability to spend more money. Not only that, but sustainability and offering experiences will be key selling points for brands in the future”. 

Customer experience, according to Janice, is all about understanding customers' pain points and providing them with creative solutions and support. The company's open-minded approach to communicating with brands, designers, and label manufacturers makes Avery Dennison an attractive partner. 

“Our pressure-sensitive labeling materials not only have strong technical performance, but they also have the ability to host desired designs and drive sustainability”. Janice's favorite is Fasson® rGranit Blanc FSC®, an uncoated self-adhesive paper featuring wet strength to make sure the label remains pristine in humid environments like the cellar. It offers high printability standards with most of the printing techniques such as offset, silkscreen, hot stamping, embossing and debossing. rGranit Blanc is an eco-friendly paper made of 100% recycled fibres, the ideal labeling solution for a more and more sustainability-oriented market. Making a sustainable choice does not mean sacrificing the label appeal though; thanks to its natural white shade and unique embossed texture, rGranit Blanc is perfect to communicate the premiumness and uniqueness of a high-end product.

For more information about Avery Dennison's diverse product line, or to discuss how we can help develop products that fit your unique needs, please contact Janice.