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Kadabra Wines

Estancia Mendoza, a renowned Argentine winery belonging to the department of Tupungato, and located at more than 1,000 meters above sea level, launched the first wine with augmented reality in the region—a novel and very useful tool for highly creative applications.

Bringing a concept to life

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium Sacramento

Fasson® Frozen Orion Diamond WS

Born and Bred Vodka

Born and Bred Vodka is produced by Driggs, Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery. It’s a lifestyle brand created through a collaboration between the distillery and actor Channing Tatum. As the story goes, Tatum discovered Grand Teton during a quest to find the best vodka in America.

A Wine & Spirits Innovation Day in Spain

18th October 2018

A Pèl Ancestral

Manifeste, in collaboration with Partisan du Sens

Four Factors Driving Smaller Wine Packaging

The trend for small packaging is on. But the challenge is finding a solution that offers the quality and shelf-life consumers are looking for, without increasing the packaging cost and waste.

Livio Felluga

At the Livio Felluga winery, the illivio 2017 blend was created to embody family legacy, cultural heritage and ancestral connection. The historical wine and its uniquely revealing label were designed to celebrate the 85th birthday of their founder and father.

Rethinking Wine Packaging with Label’Glass

Fasson® Cherry Wood

Bondi Beach Black

Printing the Impossible

Rotas Italia is known for its work in pushing the outer limits of labeling and creating novel applications that surprise and delight. President and founder Francesco Celante shares with M_use contributor Marit Meelis some of what he’s learned during more than 50 years of thinking about—and experimenting with—self-adhesive technologies.

Neuromarketing Reveals Powerful Insights for Label Designers

A study of the brain’s responses to marketing stimuli and how it drives consumer behavior Thanks to a collaboration between Avery Dennison, vineyard and winery Santa Rita®, and Mind Insights®, M_use will be sharing what we learned about consumers’ responses to the look and feel of wine labels and related influences on purchasing decisions.

Thatchers Gin

Echo, Arctic Vodka

Lokales Wasser

Wine and spirits luxury packaging innovation series: France

15th November 2018

Wine and spirits designers collaborate in an intimate workshop at the Atelier Eiffel in Paris, France In an exclusive event held on November 15, 2018, in Paris, France, luxury packaging experts met to discuss a question facing the industry: How do we meet the challenges of luxury packaging today and tomorrow in the wine and spirits segment?