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About M_use

At M_use our goal is simple: to create a place where inspired design and materials science connect to foster innovative solutions to complex design challenges.

We are designers
Our mission is to provide users with an inspirational overview of the magic of materials and show how the right material can augment your labeling and packaging to enhance, protect and track goods.

We are scientists
Powered by Avery Dennison, M_use leverages our deep knowledge of materials science and our love and appreciation for design to bring an inspiration-to-production, full-circle experience to designers, brands and label printers.

We are inventors
M_use offers inspirational content on industry insights and future trends, and invites you to explore an interactive materials portfolio with the technical information you need to make an informed decision about your project.

We are joined by a team of collaborators
At M_use, we believe we are better together. We partner with designers, materials scientists, industry experts and future thinkers from around the world to bring new ideas and technologies to light and inspire innovation.

About Avery Dennison

We’re a global team of service-obsessed, relentlessly curious inventors, engineers and material makers. We have a pioneering tradition of science-based innovation and corporate citizenship. Our label solutions help customers worldwide sell products, increase efficiencies and be more sustainable.

Materials science is in our DNA.

We sustain Stan Avery's spirit of curiosity through research, invention and development of new materials science products and processes. Our expertise in high-speed manufacturing, information display and management, logistics, branding, graphics and packaging enables us to impact a wide array of markets—from consumer packaged goods and apparel to transportation, architecture and healthcare.

Avery Dennison manufactures and distributes display graphics, labeling and packaging materials, retail graphic embellishments and RFID tags that companies around the world use to engage customers and efficiently manage their inventories. Our products are virtually everywhere you look, providing a crucial thread in the fabric of global commerce.

Meet the Team

Vanita Marzette

Product Manager North America


Amy Hodgson

Marketing Manager Australia, New Zealand and South Africa


Lyna Huang

Marketing Manager China


Gabriela Cabrera

Product Manager Latin America


Natalia Carro

Business Development Manager Latin America


Miguel Garcia

Business Development Manager Iberia, Europe


Monica Gross

Business Development Manager France, Germany, Benelux, Europe


Marco Gelain

Business Development Manager Italy, Europe


Angus McGuffin

Creative Director Global


Rebecca Worth

Senior Designer, Brand + Communications Global


Ralph Olthoff

Marketing Director Global


Marit Meelis

Content Creator Global


Alex Kidd

Creative Design Manager North America