A Face Behind the Brand: Meet Luuk Zonneveld

Luuk Zonneveld

Luuk Zonneveld is the Product Manager for Premium Solutions, Europe, at Avery Dennison. Over the past 12 years at the company, he has watched the premium labels segment grow as more brands realize its value. As a result, the number of Avery Dennison products significantly increases, enabling more creativity and unique labels. 

“Consumers increasingly appreciate high-quality products and are willing to spend more money on those. The segment is rapidly growing, and brands need to attract their attention by ensuring that the products and its packaging are premium”. 

Along with premiumization, Luuk also anticipates increased demand for sustainable and recycled materials. Having certificates and data to prove how brands and products are reducing their carbon footprints will also be crucial in the future. 

"Fortunately, we can assist with a great deal of this. Besides offering a wide range of premium labeling solutions, we're constantly developing our sustainable labeling portfolio to offer brands, designers, and label manufacturers various options. Additionally, we're always available to support them technically and customize these solutions”.

Among these solutions, Luuk’s favorite is Fasson® rCrush Grape FSC®, because it is visually appealing and can help brands - particularly wineries - tell beautiful stories since it is made partly from grape waste.

For more information about Avery Dennison's diverse product line, or to discuss how we can help develop products that fit your unique needs, please contact Luuk.