A Face Behind the Brand: Meet Marco Gelain

 Marco Gelain

Marco Gelain is the Business Development Manger Premium Labeling Solutions, Italy and Eastern Europe, at Avery Dennison. Since joining the company five years ago, he has seen how every year marks a significant and progressive step towards premiumization and sustainability.

"Each year takes us closer to improving quality and sustainability. Besides gaining traction in the wine & spirits industry, it is also becoming prevalent in other industries, such as cosmetics and perfumes, where folding boxes and customized glass is becoming an increasingly popular trend". In fact, in Marco's eyes, the key to good customer service is tailored customer experiences and brand responsiveness.

As a huge fan of beautifully designed bottles and labels, he is always looking for new ways to reuse old bottles, often using them as decor around the house. In particular, Avery Dennison's Fasson® rSable Blanc FSC® is a white, uncoated paper made of 100% recycled fibers and treated with wet strength and fungicidal technologies to provide additional resistance to the already excellent wet opacity performances in challenging environments like the fridge and the ice bucket. Its matt and smooth texture provide that natural effect ideal for all labeling projects in the organic market.   

As far as how designers get inspired to choose certain materials over others, he says: “Understanding how to use the material in a particular project, as well as feeling confident and having trust in the relationship with the BDM, are important. Our goal is to foster these collaborations, offering insights into innovations and providing constant support”.

Get in touch with Marco to learn more about Avery Dennison's diverse product line, and discover which solution is best for your unique requirements.