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A Face Behind the Brand: Meet Miguel Garcia

 Miguel Garcia

Miguel Garcia is the Business Development Manager Premium Labeling Solutions, Iberia, at Avery Dennison. With an impressive 23 years at the company, he has worked with numerous prestigious luxury brands, helping them establish a unique position in a competitive market.

“We have a real opportunity to support brands, designers, and label manufacturers in differentiating themselves. As part of a product's design journey, labels often help a product stand out on shelves where consumers are presented with various options, so differentiation is essential”.

After working in the luxury industry for many years, Miguel understands how the small details make luxury brands stand out. As a result, he sees the premium market growth over the next few years, and brands are pursuing premium label solutions to tell the stories of their products. Keeping sustainability close to their strategic visions will allow brands to ensure that it's also part of the packaging they develop for their products. In fact, Avery Dennison’s Fasson® Cotton White is the most iconic and renowned paper in the Fasson® portfolio. It is an uncoated extra premium paper made from 100% cotton pulp, a yearly renewable plant. Therefore, it is the perfect sustainable solution for brands looking forward to reducing their product packaging environmental impact. Cotton White's distinctive rough texture and the impressive tactile effect add value to all labeling projects for high-quality items such as wines and spirits, or gourmet and luxury beauty products. 

Extremely refined printing results can be obtained with both embossing and debossing techniques thanks to the paper high substance. Cotton White is also perfect for labeling quality wines aging in the cellar as it features both wet strength and fungicidal technologies to ensure the label remains pristine in humid environments where mold can easily develop.

“The future of sustainability in the labeling industry has arrived, and it's encouraging to see how many brands are stepping up and recognizing the importance of reducing their environmental impact. However, I hope to see even more brands doing this authentically rather than greenwashing, and creating a future where sustainability is integral to all strategic decisions".

Get in touch with Miguel to learn more about Avery Dennison's diverse product line, and discover which solution is best for your unique requirements.