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Design can change the world

02nd February 2022
11:00am - 8:00pm
Madrid, Spain

The smallest gestures lead us to achieving the biggest goals. Imagine a new way of doing things. The challenge of coming up with a clear purpose is now a compulsory one for brands. Raising awareness of the need to preserve the seas and oceans, giving visibility to disadvantaged groups, or combating intolerable attitudes and practices are all crucial components of making brands relevant and demonstrating social commitment through packaging.

Through their exhibition ‘Design can change the world’, Avery Dennison and Supperstudio join forces and seek to inspire other brands to build with values. The innovative project incorporates eight packaging concepts that were previously featured in the 'Build your brand' portfolio.

A part of the Madrid Design Festival, the Off Festival has featured some well-known illustrators such as Xoan Viqueira, José A. Roda and Rosemarie; photographers from the editorial scene such as Antón Goiri and culinary leaders such as Paco Arará. Also noteworthy is Javier Sánchez Medida, the Spanish craftsman who has conquered the world starting from his small workshop (notably working with Disney and Sarah Jessica Parker - no one can resist his creations).

'Design can change the world' is an invitation to do things differently. Paco Adín, Creative Director of Supperstudio believes that: “Consumers want brands that are committed to making the world a better place. Brands cannot remain indifferent to society's challenges and those who promote awareness are the future. It takes courage to build a committed brand.”

When it comes to building a brand, all gestures count, which is why all the materials in this project were selected with sustainability in mind. "Our labels are crafted with materials derived from organic fibers and waste, along with an FSC certification, which, in addition to joining the circular economy, reduces the carbon footprint and energy use," explains Miguel García BDM Wine & Spirits at Avery Dennison.