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Wine and spirits innovation series: Italy

07th June 2018
9am - 6pm
Verona, Italy

Italian winemakers and package designers get a taste of luxury packaging trends at our Wine and Spirits Innovation Day

It was a hard job, but someone had to do it.

On a beautiful June day near Verona, Italy, more than 45 graphic designers and marketers from Italy’s wine industry gathered amid the rustic, sun-dappled tranquility of La Foresteria Serego Alighieri to learn about current trends and innovations in premium and luxury packaging. With our partners, bottle-maker Estal and hot foil and stamp manufacturer Kurz Luxoro, we offered designers a day of expert talks on changes in the Italian wine industry, the contribution of packaging design to brand equity, sustainable packaging and more. Naturally, we capped the day off with a bit of wine-tasting.

For all the learning and networking that took place, the day was ultimately a feast for the senses—a hands-on reminder of how color, texture and shape can move consumers and stand apart on the shelf in this most sensual segment.

We invite you to feast your senses on the highlights reel below, which captures many beautiful moments from what was an inspirational day.