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Wine and spirits innovation series: Latin America

04th September 2019
10:00am - 2:00pm
Santiago, Chile + Mendoza, Argentina

Two hundred designers, wineries, and label printers came together to discuss the latest innovations in label design for the wine and spirits and beer segments in two separate events in Latin America. The first was held on September 4 in Santiago, Chile and the second on September 6 in Mendoza, Argentina.

During the events, which were divided into four presentations, industry experts shared the beautification process of hot stamping and other premium printing finishes, the importance of morphology and differentiation of bottles to create a unique visual impact, as well as the latest trends in label design for the wine, beer, and spirits segment.

Attendees heard from the international Calcco studio, the agency behind the new Neoclassicism inspiration envelope, as well as Kurz, a leading global company in the field of hot stamping, and Estal, a global premium bottle manufacturer. Besides hearing from industry experts, attendees experienced some of the latest innovations including a variety of finished labels, as well as paper samples and unique bottle shapes.