Founded in 2007, Pentawards has evolved into one of the world's foremost packaging design competitions. It not only provides an opportunity for brands and designers to gain global visibility and creative recognition but can also serve as inspiration for brands to upgrade their packaging to be more sustainable and attractive. 


We are pleased to announce a series of recognitions that Pentawards edition 2022 awarded designers who used Avery Dennison's labeling material in their packaging designs. We are pleased to announce that 5 other awards were granted to projects using label materials from Avery Dennison. Each project was innovative and distinctive in its own way, communicating individual stories, and has been recognized for its commitment to investing in creativity and sustainability. 


Ruska Martín Associates, developed a whole new beverage experience called RE:INCARNATED SPIRITS, which won the coveted PLATINUM Award. RE:INCARNATED SPIRITS is the first distillery brand with a 100% circular spirit (literally and figuratively) and packaging design, in which everything is wholeheartedly and consistently reused, giving all elements of the product a new life. Sektkellerei OHLIG, a German family winery founded in 1919, came up with a novel idea to make a fully sustainable product by distilling spirit from excess residual yeast from traditional Sekt production. With a focus on demonstrating a new circular approach to spirit making, selecting a 100% recycled packaging was a must. The label is adhered to the bottle using Avery Dennison's Fasson® rCrush Grape FSC®, a premium uncoated self-adhesive paper made from 15% grape waste, 40% recycled pulp, and 45% virgin fibers. The bottles are made from 100% recycled post-consumer glass developed by Estal. Topping them off are corks made exclusively from recycled sparkling wine corks. Lastly, the bottles come packaged in uncoated cardboard boxes that are perfect for transporting and feature recycled padding made from shredded Euro banknotes that did not meet the quality criteria for public use. A truly innovative product that offers consumers a circular experience and a wow factor. 

The GOLD Award⁠ in the 'Beverages Soft Drinks' category and SILVER Award in the 'Sustainable Design (Branding & Consumer)' category⁠ were awarded to Series Nemo for the revolutionary design of the new MATCH tonic by Curious that symbolizes the catalyst for change in the soft drinks industry. The 4-pack is highly innovative as it is 100% optimized for e-Commerce sales. With their square format and the separators that provide additional protection, the bottles won’t break, nor will they fall out of the pack due to their wings that prevent movement even at 180° degrees. The pack's edges are rounded, so they always arrive at their destination with an optimum appearance and feel. Additionally, two MATCH packs can fit on a supermarket shelf in the same space as a single four-pack of soft drinks, making them incredibly efficient. Generally, non-rounded shapes are the biggest challenge for carbonated beverages since gas pressure is not evenly distributed, and a lot of pressure is applied to corners, increasing the risk of explosions. Fortunately, the project was successful thanks to Estal as a glass partner and the Eurostampa team for successfully handling the tricky label perforation by simulating it through a combination with soft touch varnishes on Avery Dennison’s Fasson® PP 50 Top Clear labeling material.


The SILVER Award in the ‘Beverages’ category went to the creative agency Estudio Maba for the tribute paid to nature through its packaging design for Bodegas Saura, whose philosophy is rooted in the desire to respect nature. “Since the wine ferments in fossil stone tanks extracted from a nearby quarry, the wine label printed on Fasson® rNaturel Blanc FSC® aims to represent this wild nature through its design, which mimics a bas-relief carved into the rock to illustrate the wine's process”, explains Miguel Angel del Baño, Creative Director at Maba. 


Last but not least, French agency Partisan du Sens was awarded the BRONZE Award in the ‘Beverage Category of Fine Wines and Champagne’ with the magnificent design project for Champagne Bollinger’s limited edition B13–a 100% Pinot Noir. To make this vintage truly one of a kind, Gérald Galdini, CoFounder & Design Manager at Partisan du Sens, went for a white and black contrast to reinforce the brand identity and reference the snow and frost that characterized 2013 and the Pinot Noir grape variety. To add a mineral touch to symbolize the chalk – one of the key characteristics of the wine region, the designer chose Avery Dennison’s Fasson® Cotton White pressure-sensitive paper for the bottle label. “This paper made from 100% cotton fibers, a yearly renewable plant, helped us achieve the desired texture while maintaining our sustainability focus.”


As we celebrate this wonderful achievement, we are eager to keep the momentum going and continue the hard work while also looking forward to next year's Pentawards.