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Our Avery Dennison specialized testing institute, AD Procerta, which launched in 2022, is now expanding its services to include industries beyond the pharmaceutical sector. Labeling materials can be challenging to navigate, so we provide streamlined material testing and qualification services for demanding applications in various sectors, which now also encompass the automotive, white goods and electronics industries, as well as wine and spirits industries.

When it comes to testing labeling materials, it's no secret that the process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Whether it's prefilled syringes, car engines, or champagne bottles, labels for unique and demanding applications have distinct requirements. Selecting the best options for products and understanding how these will perform in different conditions are just some of the difficulties and variables brands face. At AD Procerta, we take on this challenge by combining our expertise, high-end technologies, and best-in-class facilities to provide highly streamlined material testing and qualification services. We understand the often-complicated dynamics between products, packaging, and label materials, with over 80 years of R&D knowledge in the self-adhesive industry. This enables us to support customers worldwide from the most competitive sectors.

AD Procerta

Wine and spirits industry testing capabilities

Label test methods for small-diameter containers like bottle necks in the wine and spirits industry also present challenges due to the requirements of these applications. These materials must conform to the neck's curved surface, withstand the filling process, and remain legible and aesthetically pleasing throughout the product's life. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Wine Intelligence, 66% of US consumers agreed that the appearance of a wine bottle is important when choosing one, while 70% of UK consumers stated that the packaging is a key factor in influencing their purchasing decision. However, the challenge concerns more than just how products appear on shelves. Another essential visual factor to consider when it comes to labels on wine and spirits products is that they must be able to withstand environmental elements like moisture and temperature variations.

AD Procerta utilizes various testing methods to ensure that label materials for these products meet the industry's requirements. For instance, our "ice bucket" test evaluates the label's ability to remain intact and flawless after immersion in ice—a critical factor for champagne packaging. Observation of the potential color change of the paper takes place after specified intervals, ensuring that the label remains legible and aesthetically pleasing throughout the product's life.


Ultimately, labels for complex applications must undergo unique testing methods to ensure their performance in specific environments and conditions. AD Procerta rises to this task, making the complex accessible and understandable yet never sacrificing quality. While we understand that some testing institutes offer generic label testing, they often find it hard to understand the nuances of self-adhesive materials and how to select tests that will provide meaningful results. As a supplement to FINAT standard testing, we have developed methods and protocols to meet the individual needs of various industries in our state-of-the-art laboratory in the Netherlands. 


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