Inspired by diversity


Smith Lumen
Avery Dennison
Black and White Collection
Europe, Italy

A few times per year, designers around the globe receive a simple creative request—use these materials to create something spectacular.

In May 2018, the Italian agency Smith Lumen designed the Avery Dennison Black and White envelope containing six materials from the Fasson® collection including black and white Cotton, Soft Touch and Martele. With unlimited artistic agency, Smith Lumen used a unique concept to explore the abundant potential of the materials.

According to Smith Lumen CEO and Founder Drew Smith, “We closed our eyes, caressed the papers and listened to the story they had to tell.” The materials inspired, in a word, diversity. “Contrasts between the black and white, and the strong and delicate textures—structured and soft—brought out in us memories and sensations linked to exploring different places and traditions,” Drew said.

The collaborative design effort between Smith Lumen andItalian printer Rotas Italia using Avery Dennison materials, has since gone on to do much more than showcase quality materials. The Black and White envelope and the “Inspired by Diversity” collection of designs took first prize at the 23rd Brand Identity Grand Prix in the Literature Design category in 2018.

The set of six designs in the collaboration envelope fully embraces the capability of the materials and printing techniques, while offering inspired examples of what is possible with a materials-first design approach.


Black & White Inspire
The materials offered in the Black and White envelope were chosen for the ways in which they represent opposites. Black and white, strong and delicate, textured and smooth, glossy and matte.

The contrast in this collection make memories and emotions re-emerge, to inspire us. They help to explore the wonderful variety of places, traditions and sensations that make every journey an experience.

As you join us to experience “Inspired by Diversity,” hear the soft, muted white of silence, and the festive disorder of a tribal beat. See the dark, mysterious black of age-old secrets and sense the vital power of sea spray.

The making of “Inspired by Diversity”
We believe the best ideas are born from a collective effort. So when we partnered with Smith Lumen for the Black and White envelope, we knew it would be a good fit. To make their vision come to life, they partnered with Italian printer Rotas and ITW Foils.

Smith Lumen

Smith Lumen is a leading independent creative agency based in the heart of Milan’s design district. The agency specializes in helping companies develop and transform brands, and to build long-lasting relationships with their consumers.

Over the past decade, Smith Lumen has completed almost 4,000 projects for over 350 brands in 30 different countries, for clients that range from small startups to multinationals.

The expertise on offer covers all aspects of branding and packaging design, new product development, naming, industrial design and consumer engagement. The firm’s award-winning designers are part of one of the most talented and multicultural creative teams in Europe. Clients benefit from an innovative and unique approach to strategic brand development.

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Rotas Italia

Rotas is a visionary company willing to convey to Brand Owner and Graphic Studios, “Do not restrain your imagination, let it go wild!” even when ideas are innovative and complex.

Rotas is a revolutionary company that believes in the ability of a label to change the product perception, influencing its choice and increasing its value. Rotas wants to help brand owners gain favor with impulse buyers and gain customer loyalty.

Rotas is a research and development company able to listen, develop and print always beautiful and different solutions to meet the needs of those looking for niche positioning. In the past three years, Rotas has received 15 awards in international competitions. Rotas is all this, and more.

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