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Highlights of Paris Packaging Week 2023

Paris Packaging Week 2023 with Easyfairs is one of the largest events on the luxury packaging calendar with thousands of visitors, over 600 exhibitors from all over the world and more than 1,600 brands in luxury, beauty, drinks and FMCG. From Chanel to Louis Vuitton to Pernod Ricard and Guerlain, brands were searching for the latest in sustainability, consumer experience, and innovation. 

Over the two days that we attended, we met with customers, partners, designers, brand owners and some of the world’s leading packaging professionals, journalists and influencers. From the future of materials to the metaverse, much was discussed over our fantastic two days. Here are our top three trends from the show:



1. Circular designs. Sustainability was a ubiquitous theme across Paris Packaging Week. The brands and designers we spoke to were all concerned with developing sustainable packaging at a time when the planet’s limits have never been so stretched. The move to circular business models and design principles was evident and perhaps best illustrated by the winners of the Innovation Awards 2023. Reusable packaging and refillable formats are two of the most dynamic segments within packaging and are set for exponential growth this year. What’s clear is that incorporating principles of EcoDesign into product and packaging design from the beginning, to ensure that the environment is at the core of the proposition, rather than an afterthought, will be the future of sustainable design. Moreover, when a lot of time, effort, and resources are spent on choosing the best material and construction for a product’s packaging we must ensure that the small yet significant label is also given proper consideration from the beginning ensuring that the label can enable recycling rather than hinder it.

2. Materials of the future. We witnessed many new and unlikely materials inspiring the industry. From biodegradable materials to the increased use of wood (to avoid plastics) and a trend towards using less metal. However, top of mind for luxury brands is that they do not want to compromise on the expectation and the experience needed for a premium product. Balancing the beautiful with the responsible will be essential as we continue to innovate. We’re very excited to soon be bringing to market the Fasson® rPaper Black FSC® - an uncoated paper made from 100% recycled fibers. Its intense black color is pulp-added to avoid the unpleasant white edge and backside of the label and features wet strength and fungicidal treatment for labels that have to resist humid environments.

3. Internet of Things (IoT). Or should we say the Internet of Packaging Things? Integrating digital identification solutions to breathe new life into products and bring brands closer to their consumers via personalized experiences was an area of immense interest. Beyond consumer experiences, digital IDs were also seen as a way to create greater transparency by helping brands to communicate their ethical credentials and substantiate their ‘green claims’ – something that will come under increased scrutiny in 2023 - through the tap of a smartphone.

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What next?

For Avery Dennison staying on top of these trends and helping our customers to navigate the changing landscape of consumer buying behavior and the growing influence of sustainability will be paramount. It’s also important to keep embedding our EcoDesign guidelines that help brands design sustainable packaging, taking its entire product lifecycle and existing recycling infrastructures into account. We must also stay curious and look to nature’s cycles to help us with innovation in materials. How can we develop new materials aimed at facilitating the recycling process? How can we create materials that are renewable – which can be used and when discarded, feed back into the system to re-enter the supply chain once again? 

These questions and more we look forward to exploring together with our partners, customers and stakeholders way beyond Paris Packaging Week and well into the year ahead. 

Learn More 

If you wish to learn more about our premium labeling materials, contact our Segment Market Leader, Premium Solutions Vladimir Tyulpin. For more information regarding our digital ID solutions, reach out to Maryna Grytsenko, Market Development Manager Beauty.