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Manifeste, in collaboration with Partisan du Sens

Partisan du Sens
COS 100 | Lancôme | Clos Lanson
Fasson® Cotton White
Europe, France

Partisan du Sens was founded in 2003 by Gérald Galdini and François Takounseun. The French design agency has worked with some of the biggest brands in cosmetics including Lancôme and Yves-Saint Laurent, as well as within the wine and spirits segment. Their commitment to the future success of the brands with which they work and their deep understanding of each brand’s philosophy set them apart in the labeling and package design industry.

Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to sit down with Gérald and François to learn more about their philosophy and design process. Read highlights from the interview below.


M_use: Tell us a little about Partisan du Sens as an agency, and your unique design vision.

Partisan du Sens: The name of our company, Partisan du Sens would translate in English as ”engaged for meaning” or “guidelines and senses” thanks to multiple meaning of ”sens” in French. This turns the name into a genuine manifesto, an in-depth commitment toward brand differentiation and signature highlighted in every detail—image, quality, sensoriality—in the customer journey.

We are inspired by the surprise brought to life through unexpected textures, such as the hot stamping on Fasson® Cotton White designed for the Clos Lanson champagne edition. The choice of materials, the accuracy and the originality of the design, and the eventful point of sale material and dramatized customer experience, such as imagined for Perrier-Jouët or COS 100. We are committed to the industrial and artisanal feasibility of these creations and we work with a chosen network of suppliers including Avery Dennison.

M: Can you speak a bit on your design process?

P: Rooted in current socio-cultural, technical, technological trends and a thorough process of design thinking, we consider the product as an identity and hedonistic echo to the current and future challenges of luxury brands. The stakes are high—the luxury market encounters profound changes, which require adaptation and anticipation to maintain a competitive edge.

In the context of increased digitization, product packaging and label design must embody more than ever the truth of the brand DNA—its personality, as the product alone triggers the intimate, unbreakable link between the brand and their customer. It’s the guarantee of satisfaction and loyalty. Bain analysts forecast a 75 percent share of e-commerce in luxury purchases by 2025 compared to just 10 percent today.

The future challenge will be offering a self-standing desirable product that is aesthetically pleasing, has high tactility, offers a multi-sensory experience and is capable of delivering a complete experience alone without going through the intermediary of retail. As the experiential expectations of luxury consumers increases, a more experiential product packaging becomes the norm.

M: Can you speak on how your values affect your design style?

P: A quest for meaning and expression of values is where we start with our design process. Many of our clients are committed and responsible luxury brands aiming at exemplarity, striving to renew the habits of responsible production through sustainable sourcing and consumption. This ethical dimension is even more strongly expressed by younger generations, searching for an ethical epicurism with no guilt. We see a return to a form of authenticity essentially, and a need for exceptional materials and know-how—a counter-current against the superficiality of the digital world or of false product promises. 

There’s also a strong societal shift toward greater social and environmental responsibility. We loved reflecting that value in our Lancôme Absolue l’Extrait range by reducing the ecological impact of the packaging with a fruitful decrease of 59 percent in material weight and a smart refill system fostering customer loyalty. To face new luxury challenges, Partisan du Sens opened innovation platforms for internal reflections on sustainability, eco-responsibility and eco-design, both for design and supply chain. We are proactive with our clients and are committed to helping them defend an image-driving luxury combining beauty, authenticity and ethics, with renewed emotional responses and high sensoriality. Of course, we also work hand-in-hand with some of our breakthrough industry partners, including Avery Dennison, to drive the luxury industry forward.