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Neoclassicism, an inspiration envelope

Avery Dennison
Fasson® Cotton Touch FSC®
North America

Wine packaging design agency Calcco takes us back in time using a new collection of Avery Dennison materials as their canvas. With Neoclassicism as inspiration, the newest envelope explores the concepts of passion, workmanship, and storytelling through five unique wine label designs. 

Watch the video to get a behind-the-scenes look into their unique design and production process.

The Neoclassical inspiration envelope evokes not only what was achieved during the long-ago era, but what could be achieved once again.


About the Neoclassical Era
In the eighteenth century, a series of artists—encouraged by the wave of Enlightenment that crossed Europe—confronted the status quo in a way that seemed unthinkable. They broke from their contemporaries and began a philosophical excavation of history—searching for the places where universal culture, philosophy, ethics, and art were born. 

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