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‘This is not a luxury paper’

La Suite Atelier
Avery Dennison
Premium Collection
Europe, France

The Premium Collection awakens your creativity and breaks through barriers. Brilliant, intense, deep, textured, and tactile materials offer opportunity for wider horizons for every application. Designed to push the boundaries of affordable materials, the collection offers richness and depth for advanced printing techniques without sacrificing quality or design.

As demonstrated by the designers La Suite Atelier, these materials provide a flexible foundation for all manner of design and print finishing techniques—illustrative, typographic, foiled, or embossed. They can also be employed to extend your design narrative, whether that replicates the shimmer of a fish darting through water or the powdery puff of clouds in the French countryside.

The set of five designs in the Premium Collection inspiration envelope leverages the capabilities of the materials to create a brand experience for consumers that invites conversation and captivates the mind.

Five designs to tell a premium brand story

The Avery Dennison Premium Collection is an innovative collection of materials offered at an affordable price point that elicits premium perceptions with rich structures in black, white and pearlescent.


Made with Fasson® 
Rustique Extra White FSC
, this design utilizes offset printing, glossy tactile varnish, and emboss.

Black Paper

Made with Fasson Paper New Black FSC, this design utilizes offset printing, white silkscreen, glossy tactile varnish, and emboss.

Jefferson Cognac

Made with Fasson Paper Watermark, this design utilizes offset printing, emboss, and hot foiling without foil for a watermark effect.


Made with Fasson Aqua Proof Silver, this design utilizes offset printing and emboss.

Argile Royale

Made with Fasson Cotton Extra White, this design utilizes offset printing, emboss, and foil embossing prism.

La Suite Atelier

Based in Bordeaux, France, La Suite Atelier offers a complete design service exploring all possibilities such as papers, photography, multimedia, press, and interior design. It’s about creating functional and realistic identities, always with respect for the personalities of customers. The studio operates mainly in the world of wine and spirits, working on diverse projects and offering a tight knit team that creates and innovates with simplicity.


When, in 1931, the Walter brothers started printing labels with a small Heidelberger printer, they could hardly imagine what their sons and grandchildren would achieve. Today, GEWA is one of the leading producers of wine, sparkling wine, and spirits labels in Germany and one of the leading companies in Europe.