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Tangle Tequila

The Concept Lab
Avery Dennison + Eurostampa
North America, Mexico

In collaboration with label printer Eurostampa, the team at Avery Dennison’s Concept Lab was asked to develop a collection of prototypes illustrating the capabilities of intelligent labels and printing techniques for the wine and spirits segment. 

In an ideation session with Eurostampa, the team developed a proposal to create a tequila brand with three unique NFC labels and corresponding digital consumer experiences. The three-level prototype line not only mimics real-world companies with multi-product brands, but also illustrates the possibilities of consumer engagement and personalization with intelligent labels and user experience design. 

The final product is a trio of tequila prototypes that offer a tiered approach to consumer engagement.


Tequila Blanco

As the base level product in the prototype line, Blanco is targeted toward a younger audience, with the idea that this consumer is likely looking for an affordable party drink mixer. Blanco’s label features an embedded NFC tag in the bottom third of the design. When a consumer taps the label with their NFC-enabled mobile device, they’re taken to a video with a delicious DIY cocktail recipe. 

The label’s instructional design makes it easy for consumers to use the label and enjoy the tailored digital experience. The branded video content extends the brand / consumer relationship beyond the buying experience. Instead of a single point of contact, the video offers a topic for conversation in the form of a shareable piece of content that extends the brand narrative into the digital space.

Tequila Reposado

At the mid-level in the prototype line, Reposado is targeted for users who care about their tequila brand. This consumer wants to learn about the production of the products they buy. In this case, the embedded NFC tag takes the consumer to a video with content designed to build brand trust and loyalty. 

While the branded video content is shareable, it goes another level into the provenance of the spirit—answering questions such as where and how their tequila is made. The idea is to serve content that creates an opportunity for conversation with a focus on product quality and building brand loyalty.

Tequila Añejo

Created as the premium product in the prototype line, Añejo is targeted for tequila connoisseurs who care about authenticity, quality, and unique details about the specific product they purchased. Añejo’s label features an embedded NFC tag in the tamper-evident pressure sensitive label that extends over the bottle lid. The label pulls double-duty in that it provides the information a user is looking for as well as tamper-proof protection.

When a consumer scans this label on their mobile device, they’re taken to a unique website with provenance and authentication for their bottle of tequila. The information is pulled up based on the unique NFC tag within the label. This authentication and provenance data is designed for consumers who want every detail of their bottle of tequila, from where it was made to the exact barrel from which it came. The informational content for Añejo focuses on brand equity, product quality, and consumer trust of a premium brand.

While each tequila prototype can stand alone, together they show the possibility of creating a larger brand narrative delivered through intelligent labeling. By extending the brand / consumer relationship into the digital world, brands have an opportunity to create a long-term relationship with consumers. In this case, Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo offer tequila drinkers a unique experience at each stage of their life-long love affair—from enjoying a party drink to becoming a collector.

The Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo prototypes are featured at the Eurostampa Innovation Lab in Cincinnati and will be at Pack Expo 2019. They are also prominently featured in the I.Lab at Avery Dennison.