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A Pèl Ancestral


Pagà Disseny


Masia Can Mayol, S.L.


Fasson® Cloud White FSC


Europe, Spain

The image of the bald man is an allegory to naming A Pèl, meaning without protection, without unnatural elements. The processor uses biodynamic and natural agriculture, without chemical interventions in the vineyards and during the elaboration, the wines are not filtered nor are sulfites added.

The concept to transmit was a natural product, aimed at the new generation of millennials who sympathize with the values of this type of product. For this, Fasson Cloud White was a perfect canvas.

Designer Pagà Disseny comments on his choice of material:

“We wanted the image of the product to be austere: a glass bottle of sparkling standard, closing with crown plate, a printed label with a single ink—pure white and black. To give a certain warmth to the design, we looked for a paper with texture and warmth—pleasant to the touch.”

Ancestral methods and all-natural elements demand Cloud White labeling.
Using time-tested fermentation and elaboration methods, the A Pèl wine is made for a new generation of wine aficionados. Using biodynamic and natural agriculture without chemical intervention or added preservatives, Loxarel Winery offers a sparkling ancestral for the modern age. The Cloud White label makes a statement of purity while amplifying the intensity of the playfully symbolic design. The soft feel of the label material adds a touch of care and thoughtfulness to the end user experience that reflects the intention behind the product creation.

Printed by Graficas Varias