Sensorial Inspiration Envelope - Atacama Peppers


Studio Eduardo Aires


Avery Dennison


Tyvek® 54


Europe, Portugal

Atacama Peppers is one of five designs featured in the Avery Dennison “Engage your Senses”envelope. Designed by award-winning design agency Studio Eduardo Aires, the design utilizes the tactile nature of the material to bring the design to life.

Studio Eduardo Aires comments on the Atacama Peppers design: “Inspired by the Atacama Desert in Chile. The desert tones offer the perfect backdrop for the vibrant effects a lizard skin can show—possibly only due to the unique characteristics of this film.”

Our M_usings
If you’ve had the privilege of visiting the Atacama Desert, you will know that its landscape is otherworldly. One of the driest places in the world, it is composed of stony terrain, salt lakes, sand and felsic lava. In fact, it has been used as a film location to depict Mars and by NASA to test instruments for future Mars missions.

As a synthetic material, Tyvek® 54 isn’t the most obvious choice for such a natural environment until you consider its durability. It is made from white, spunbonded polyolefin with exceptional tear resistance that has the flexibility to undergo all manner of printing and finishing techniques. It is lightweight and has an uneven texture that resembles the shifting sands of the desert floor.

Designing an irregularly shaped label is an astute way to make a product immediately distinct. In this case the label shape in combination with the use of a wedge serif and mono engraved illustration suggest heritage made contemporary through choice of material.


Printing Details
Colors: Black and Pantone 179U
Finishes: Red ITW 444 hot foil stamp, UV tactyle 400 braille and varnish