Born and Bred Vodka


United Talent Agency


Grand Teton Distillery


Fasson® Bright White Felt WS FSC®


USA, North America

Born and Bred Vodka is produced by Driggs, Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery. It’s a lifestyle brand created through a collaboration between the distillery and actor Channing Tatum. As the story goes, Tatum discovered Grand Teton during a quest to find the best vodka in America.

Part of the uniqueness of Born and Bred is its packaging. Most traditional vodkas come in tall, slim bottles. Their labels typically feature sublime type and graphics. Born and Bred’s bottle is shorter and wider—similar to what’s expected for a brown (dark) spirit or a gin. The label is press printed on a textured facestock, and is simply stunning.

Craft drinkers are thoughtful about the brands they choose. A high-impact label can complement a brand’s story, grab the buyer’s attention with shelf appeal, and communicate authenticity.

Avery Dennison recommended the label material Fasson 70# Bright White Felt Wet-Strength from the Welded Label Materials Collection. Welded technology is engineered specifically to meet rigorous wet, cold and damp bottling environments.

Illustrated by Steven Noble
Printed by Mepco Label Systems