Sensorial Inspiration Envelope - Brutüs Gin


Studio Eduardo Aires


Avery Dennison


Fasson® Fibers Look


Europe, Portugal

Brutüs Gin is one of five designs featured in the Avery Dennison “Engage Your Senses” envelope. Created by award-winning design agency Studio Eduardo Aires, the design layers hot foil over the highly tactile Fasson Fibers Look facestock for a uniquely fantastical design.

Studio Eduardo Aires comments on the Brutüs design:

“We were intrigued by the scary figures of monsters and demons that pursued the sailors of the discoveries and lived in the collective imagination of the 15th century. For this label, we wanted to explore dark colors and special printing techniques to highlight the strong textures of the paper.”

Our M_usings
This label design has a fictional quality that could potentially lend itself to a literary book cover or film poster. However, in both of those applications, an economy of means would likely dictate the use of relatively standard materials. The delicate texture of Fasson Fibers Look, so masterfully exploited by Studio Eduardo Aires to form the ether into which the sailor urgently flees, would need to be illustrated, diminishing the magic of the image.

Brutüs Gin exemplifies the ideal confluence of material and design. It incorporates the visible fibres of the uncoated paper as part of the design narrative. The sculpted emboss adds to the drama, creating a sense of dimension.


Printing Details
Colors: CMYK
Finishes: Silver ITW 100 hot foil stamp and sculpted emboss