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Avery Dennison


Europe, Spain

Lust is one of five designs featured in the Avery Dennison Neoclassical inspiration envelope. It was designed by Calcco and created in collaboration with Grupo Argraf, Kurz, and Hinderer-muehlich.

“This label was inspired by the Greco-Roman tradition of bacchanalia parties, which paid tribute to the god Bacchus or Dionysus,” says a Calcco representative. “Celebrations were held in secret, and people drank with no measure, allowing physical touch to bring them to a different dimension.”

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The most striking feature of this label design is the rendering of German text, ‘Ich habe lust’ in Blackletter. The type conjures up a medieval mood, reinforced by the use of gold foiling reminiscent of gilded books. The title, ‘Lust’, has been used as a window to reveal a historical painting of lounging, semi-naked bodies. In obscuring our full view of the explicit scene, we are compelled to look closer, and so the design has the desired effect of evoking lust.

The overprinting of the image onto gold foil creates a sophisticated finish against the luxurious tactility of Cotton Touch.

Printing Techniques
Digital printing, hot foil stamping, overprinting on foil stamping, embossing

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