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Sensorial Inspiration Envelope - Caribbean Cocobay


Studio Eduardo Aires


Avery Dennison


Fasson® Wood Skin


Europe, Portugal

Cocobay is one of five designs featured in the Avery Dennison “Engage Your Senses” envelope. Created by award-winning design agency Studio Eduardo Aires, the design utilizes the Fasson Wood Skin material to offer consumers a tactile reminder that the rum is aged in oak.

Studio Eduardo Aires comments on the Cocobay design:

“Capturing the colors and smells of Cuba and the passions of the Caribbean. The texture of the Fasson Wood Skin immediately made us see the wooden hand painted panels on the beaches, inviting laziness and joy.”

Our M_usings
Vernacular signs of any origin are both intriguing and characterful. They often draw on locally-sourced materials and are rendered in a charmingly amateur way, leaving unintentional traces of the original author. In referencing such informal visual language, Cocobay appropriates the more professional craft of signwriting and puts material and design hand in hand.

This sunny label combines the wood embossed finish of Fasson Wood Skin with a trio of display typefaces emblazoned in a playful yet controlled color palette. You can almost smell the coconuts and hear the waves lapping the shoreline.

Printing Details
Colors: Black, Pantone 873U, Pantone 324U, Pantone 348U, Pantone Red 032U and Pantone 109U
Finishes: UV tactyle 400 braille varnish, deboss and emboss