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Cultivated with biodynamic principles, Alois Lageder vineyards tap into the natural cycles of the plants, animals, and humans in the ecosystem to create wines that highlight the diversity of the Alto Adige region. Across fifty-five hectares in northern Italy, biodiversity flourishes thanks to chemical-free maintenance, planting a mix of flora, introducing animals into the vineyards, and fertilizing soil with compost. 

“Our Comets are all about the joy of experimenting, a desire to innovate, and getting to know our limits in order to learn from them.” says Clemens Lageder about the range of wines created with unique methods and grape varieties. 

With the Comets, Alois Lageder is exploring natural ways to bring out the freshness of grapes, playing with interesting blends and harvest times, preparing for future climate change by planting grapes typically grown in warmer regions, and re-envisioning traditions with fermentation methods used in a pre-tractor world. Like a Comet flashing through the sky, these wines are defined by their trailblazing nature, lasting impression, and the unrepeatable nature of each experiment. 

SGA Wine Design was given the challenge of creating a label that both embodied the shared innovative nature of the Comets while also celebrating their uniqueness. “The graphic identity of the line couldn’t simply be coherent with the company identity: it had to express the evolution in progress and it had to do it in an immediate and unconventional way.” says the design agency. 


Made with Fasson® Cotton White, a paper with a velvet finish made from 100% cotton, the label uses Alois Lageder signature blue to evoke a cosmic feeling. To tie the range together, a single type of paper is used for both red and white wines.The label material holds up in water and ice while maintaining strong color and a natural feel. 

As the pièce de résistance, a comet is streaked across every bottle with a finger - each one as unique as the wine inside.