Epica Branding and Packaging


Bodega Huellas Del Tiétar


Fasson® Cotton Extra White


Europe, Spain

Nothing is wasted at Bodega Huellas Del Tiétar. The winery produces high quality wines by bringing life back to previously abandoned vines. Their premier wine on the market in Sierra de Gredos is Comisura.

“The winery’s work is a labor of love. The team asked us to illustrate this passionate energy on the label and communicate it to the customer,” said Carolina Villar, founder of Epica Branding and Packaging. “The other important idea to transmit was that their wines are meant to be shared for special moments to be remembered.”

In Spanish, “comisura” means “point of union of the lips.” Carolina says, “For us this word contains a smile, a kiss, a sip of wine, a conversation...experiences around wine that, together with the leaf illustration, help us talk about nature, the land, and the way of working of the winery. With this union of ideas, we come to a natural, direct, sensual, and open design that the consumer can easily interpret and that emotionally transports them into the vineyard.”

To create an emotional experience for the consumer that feels direct and appetizing, Epica Branding chose Fasson Cotton Extra White.

“It has a wonderful texture that invites us to touch it, and we were looking for that sensory experience,” she says. “Visually, when perceiving its fibers, the material highlighted the concept of craftsmanship and the physical nature of the winery.” In terms of design, Epica Branding looked for a material that could achieve a lot of height for the embossing. Fasson Cotton Extra White “was perfect for this type of detailed finishing.”


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