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Del Revés



Avery Dennison


Europe, Spain

Del Revés is one of five designs featured in the Avery Dennison Neoclassical inspiration envelope. It was designed by Calcco and created in collaboration with Grupo Argraf, Kurz, and Hinderer-muehlich.

“Del Revés has a superposition of two different papers, using texture, touch and colour to create personality,” says a Calcco representative. “The paper offers enrichment and added value that forms a compelling starting point and an exciting way forward.”

Our M_usings
This curious label achieves both literal and symbolic layering by using two materials of contrasting texture and colour. Apple Touch is off-white with a hint of green, slight speckle and a smooth finish while Fibers Look is bright white with a fibrous texture. The top layer, torn across the centre, holds appropriated lyrics from ‘El porompompero’ by popular Spanish singer Manolo Escobar. Revealed beneath is a surreal illustration of an anonymous, serpent-tongued woman reaching for an apple with her reptilian claw. 

We speculate that Escobar’s ‘Dolores Lolita Lola’ represents the biblical Eve, and that the illustrated scene refers to consumption of the forbidden apple, a symbol of indulgence or pleasure.

Printing Techniques
Digital printing, hot foil stamping, silk screen varnish, embossing

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