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Karel Eissner



Europe, Spain

Harvested by hand from vines over sixty years old, Demuerte Deluxe is a premium vintage in the Winery On wine cellar project. The label is designed to reflect a youthful, dynamic, and pioneering spirit. It unites modern design and a premium label material, a combination that is representative of the wine itself. 

“Innovation and design are compatible with quality wines,” says Karel Eissner of Winery On. “Demuerte Deluxe has an original, different, and unique label. We wanted to give a touch of quality design to the wine to add value with a premium look and feel.”

“Our goal has always been to produce high quality wines with striking and unique packaging. Our inspiration comes from creativity! With this label, we wanted to draw attention with a daring design and finish that surprises the customer,” Karel says.

Etygraf and Winery On won first prize in the AIFEC label contest in the category of Beverages and Food for the Demuerte Deluxe label. 

To create the eye-catching design of Demuerte Deluxe, designer Karel Eissner chose Fasson Velvet Black, a premium label material with high tactility and a unique printing quality.

“It is something unique. It feels very exclusive and that gives a feeling of quality. Velvet is a luxury material, which reflects the ‘Demuerte Deluxe’ target audience. The velvet, together with the gold, gives it a beautiful contrast,” said Karel of WineryOn. 

To create the unique label on Demuerte Deluxe, printer Etygraf used a multi-step printing process that started with ink printing blue, silver, gold, and grey. A second pass of printing applied the copper and white ink. With only one high-pressure stamping unit, three hot stamps were made during the first print, and two stamps and a relief in the second. The unique printing process created a highly tactile finish on the velvet material and eye-catching vibrancy of color on the finished Demuerte Deluxe label.