Domovina Borovička





Borovička is a Slovak staple. The national drink is made with black juniper berries, which are more aromatic and less sweet than their red counterparts. The Domovina Borovička label printed by Etiflex, s.r.o. won the 2019 Packaging of the Year CZ/SK competition and the Worldstar Packaging Award 2020, both in the beverages category.

“Borovička is the Slovak national drink, and one in a series for Domovina labels. The premium brand of alcohol bets on traditional national beverages, newly designed, with a sense of design and respect for their native homeland,” says Slovakia-based design agency DADS Advertising.

“The label complements the brand perfectly with the complete customized bottle adjustments and technically demanding label production, where three materials are laminated together to create a self-adhesive label printed on both sides.”


To exemplify the dry, pure, and delicate flavor of Borovička, printing house Etiflex created a multi-layered label with double-sided printing.

“This technically demanding label production has three materials stacked together to create a self-adhesive label printed on both sides. The front of the label Fasson Cotton Touch FSC, printed by flexography and including other label embellishments (screen printing – landscape contours, hot foil stamping – logo),” says Bronislav Hotař of Etiflex.

“The reverse side of the label with the Slovak landscape motif from very famous Slovakian photographer Tomáš Hulík is readable through the bottle. As this is a full area print on the reverse side of the label, it was not possible to print directly onto the adhesive because it would compromise the adhesive performance. So we used a technique of reverse printing onto the front side of transparent film and then applied the label on the bottle by its reverse (adhesive) side.”

“Between the Fasson Cotton Touch FSC and the transparent film, there is a layer of silver foil material that creates an opaque layer and prevents light going through the label,” says Bronislav.