Echo, Arctic Vodka


Smith Lumen | Rotas Italia


Avery Dennison


Fasson® Soft Touch White


Europe, Italy

Echo, Arctic Vodka is one of six award-winning designs featured in the Avery Dennison “Inspired by Diversity” envelope. Created by Smith Lumen and printed by Rotas Italia, the design plays on the ultra smooth finish of the material to create depth and contrast.

ECHO recalls the echo of the silence in boundless Antarctic spaces. Smith Lumen said this inspired the design:

“The texture of this paper has inspired in us the softness of the snow under the fingers resumed by the effect of emboss, the wonder of an uncontaminated nature that knows how to amaze even in the silence, and the purity of cold and iridescent light captured by the shiny foil.”

Rotas Italia comments on the Echo, Arctic Vodka label:

“We chose Fasson Soft Touch White to highlight an icy sea white and an iceberg, with a bright, iridescent, crystal-sharp foil. It lays on light blue hues of a varied solitude that is planted on cold soil. Thin signs, like the cold arctic plane.”

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In this striking design, the product name ECHO floats half “submerged” in front of an iceberg. The horizon line runs through the centre of the text, dividing each character into an upper and lower, like the split-flap display of yesteryear’s train stations and airports. The divided parts appear in reverse so that the upper is blue and the lower is white. This distortion, combined with the flipped letter “C”, are suggestive of optical and acoustic Arctic phenomena like auroras, coronas, water skis and mirages … or simply, the warming haze of intoxication.

Asymmetrical triangular facets make up the iceberg, creating flat surfaces onto which sound can “reflect.” Every second plane appears as a luminous foil stamp in contrast with the Fasson Soft Touch White, which captures the tactile quality of snow and ice. The jagged custom label is replicated in the form of the bottle and lid to make an exceptionally distinct product.