Ekapa Chardonnay


Smith Lumen | Rotas Italia


Avery Dennison


Fasson® Cotton Touch Craft FSC


Europe, Italy

Ekapa Chardonnay is one of six award-winning designs featured in the Avery Dennison “Inspired by Diversity” envelope. Designed by Smith Lumen and printed by Rotas Italia, the design uses a variety of printing techniques to create an active and engaging wine label.

“Ekapa” is the Zulu word for "Cape Town." Smith Lumen said this inspired the design:

“The thick structure of this paper has transported us among the hills of Africa, with hands in the rich generous land that emerges thanks to the perfect emboss and deboss, among unexpected vines illuminated by the sun and signed by the footsteps of wild animals revealed by the sophisticated gold and bronze foils.”

Rotas Italia comments on the inspiration for the Ekapa Chardonnay label:

“Representing a zebra and leaving its footprints on the sand… This sand is Fasson Cotton Touch Craft: strong, generous, wild. The sign is clear, sunny, bright. In order to bring such creation to life almost every technique has been employed: embossing, debossing, fragmented foil, reliefs. To make it neigh, quietly and austerely, we engaged every available resource. The image leaps out of the background, looking at you and changing if you move it; it’s wild.”

Our M_Usings
This elegant design is simultaneously decadent and restrained. Replacing the distinctive black stripes of Africa’s native zebra is an inset Zulu pattern adorned in print finishing techniques including a copper and gold hot foil and a braille varnish. These variations capture the diverse textures and energy of Cape Town while a color palette of beautiful warm hues evokes the vitality of the sunburnt land.

The chalkiness of Fasson Cotton Touch Craft is an ideal material to bear a multitude of print finishes. It contrasts with the smooth, glossy bottle, projecting an image of refinement and sophistication.