El Cencio




Cantina Spada


Fasson® Cherry Wood


Europe, Italy

History, tradition, and ancestry are embodied by the Cherry Wood label of El Cencio, a Rosso Verona wine from Italian winery Spada. Named for founder and owner Renzo Spada the wine is a flavorful blend of Corvinone, Cabernet, and Merlot grapes aged 2 years in American Barrique.

Designer Andrea Vettore comments:
“To celebrate his father Renzo, Francesco Spada created a new red wine, El Cencio. We were tasked with creating a unique label with a new, symbolic design. Spada Winery wanted to emphasize the rural appearance of itself with a new label that includes tradition and passion. For this reason we decided to print the label on wood, an element of nature fundamental for men.”

A wood label that embodies the lifelong viticulture passion of father and son.
When Countess Girardi died in 1982, Renzo Spada invested his life savings in the fields he came to love. His unique grape drying methods, for which he was considered a true master, elevates Spada wines. In his dedication, Renzo used willow branches to create a strope (a type of rope) to bind the trees in his vineyard instead of synthetic materials that might contaminate the flavor or quality of his grapes. The real Cherry Wood label is an homage to that dedication and a reminder of the care in every bottle of El Cencio.