Etygraf 1981




Europe, Spain

In celebration of nearly forty years in business, Spanish printer Etygraf enlisted the help of strategic design studio Brandsummit, to create Etygraf 1981—a wine prototype and visual tribute to the graphic arts.

Inspired by “a day in the life” at Etygraf, the graphic arts, and a love of printing techniques, the designers at Brandsummit, a design agency based in Valencia, Spain, created a vision for the Etygraf 1981 wine label prototype. Brandsummit said this of their design:

“We wanted the design to pay tribute, through a re-interpretation of popular elements used in the design and layout, to the graphic arts. The facestock material helped us play with transparency on paper, without the use of inks or dies, showing a new kind of finishing technique.”

Brandsummit and Etygraf chose Fasson Paper Watermark 120 FSC for their Etygraf 1981 design.

The team utilized a variety of printing techniques, illustrating the possibilities of the Fasson Paper Watermark 120 FSC facestock from Avery Dennison. To create the design, the team used Electroink HP® Indigo inks, Synthesar 1019 Mate Flexo Low Migration varnish, and Kurz Luxor foil stamping. For the magnesium engraving, they used Magnegraf and for the magnetic iron, they used Rotometrics. The serigraphy is Marabú Special Tactile Varnish with Pearlescent Glitter.