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Avery Dennison


Europe, Spain

Ex-Loco is one of five designs featured in the Avery Dennison Neoclassical inspiration envelope. It was designed by Calcco and created in collaboration with Grupo Argraf, Kurz, and Hinderer-muehlich.

“With real elegance and simplicity, this paper is hard to match. Luminous, versatile and sophisticated, like a landscape that is unchanging yet alive,” says a Calcco representative. “A blank canvas that allows you to dream, recreate and explore the unknown. A window that is open to the imagination.”

Our M_usings
This label is pleasantly nonsensical. Typical motifs of a crest, crown and scroll draw attention to the scene at center – a congenial countryside bursting to life as a white rabbit, poised mid-air, darts across the foreground. On either side of the crest are the profiles of an eagle and a man, like soldiers at attention.

The design is printed in black only, allowing the technique of three-dimensional embossing to further shadow darkened parts. The embossing takes well on the toothy finish of Artisan Blanc.
In all, it is a restrained but imaginative and sensual composition.

Printing Techniques
Digital printing, hot foil stamping, three-dimensional embossing

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