SGA Wine Design




Europe, Italy

For Allegrini⁠—a winery in the Valpolicella area in Italy⁠—Fieramonte has always represented the premier wine of its business. After more than thirty years out of production, Fieramonte is once again available.

A cru produced only in certain years, Fieramonte owes its uniqueness to the particular exposure of the vineyard of the same name, whose altitude of 420 m above sea level guarantees ventilation and effective temperature changes. Aspects that are even more important today to naturally counteract the effects of climate change.

The Fieramonte relaunch project started with the restyling of the label⁠—an operation of precision and careful calibration⁠—aimed at expressing the extraordinary elegance of this wine.


To create a backdrop for the new chromatic design, SGA Wine Design chose Fasson® Cotton White.

“The choice of material, the chromatic design choice, and the layout have all improved the readability of all the elements on the Fieramonte label,” says SGA Wine Design Art Director and Owner Giacomo Bersanetti. “The premium value of this wine is also suggested by the design of this particular package, which is inspired by the morphology of the territory of origin. The lid is characterized by the relief reproduction of the contour lines that define the location of the vineyard, which is highlighted by the product logo,” he says.

The three-dimensionality of the package is enhanced by the chromatic choices⁠—satin white for the cover and glossy black for the box⁠—which in addition to restoring elegance, coordinate with the colors of the label. The case is made of MDF, an eco-friendly as it is made from recycled material.

Printed by MCC Multi-Color Global Label Solutions Italy.