Doni & Associati




Fasson® Rustique Blanc FSC®


Europe, Italy

Gorgona wine is a social project that enhances the work of prisoners on the penitentiary island of Gorgona, a small and wonderful pearl of the Tuscan archipelago. Gorgona offers inmates nearing the end of their sentence practical experience in winemaking and grape cultivation to support their successful reintegration into society. The Gorgona wine and label tell their story of hope and pride.

“After a visit to the extraordinary and uncontaminated island, where the small community of prisoners lives with the staff of the State, we realized that the fundamental element on which our message was centered was the need and desire for contact with the outside world,” says Doni & Associati.

“The bottle was and is a vehicle of the message of the island’s residents like those messages that were (and still are) entrusted to the changing currents of the sea,” Doni & Associati says. “We realized that to express the passion of the workers and the quality of the finished product, a synthetic graphic label design would not have been enough however strong and evocative. We have therefore chosen to transform the label into a small ‘island newspaper’ where the focus is on the sun, the earth, the water, and the wind, told in the words of those who have long lived and worked in Gorgona.”

To create an inner label that could withstand regular use and storage, Doni & Associati chose Fasson Rustique Blanc FSC.

“The label numbered for the 2,700 bottles is not revealed at first sight,” Doni & Associati says. “Like all the secrets of the sea and of the island’s treasure, the label must be discovered. It is hidden by a wrapping parchment enclosed by a seal of sunshine yellow wax matching the capsule. The parchment inside reproduces the label itself, so it can be easily stored and remembered.”


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