Gouveia Brasil




Gouveia Brasil


Fasson® Silver Foil Emboss


São Paulo, Brazil

Even a hundred-year-old story has only a few seconds to be noticed. Gouveia Brasil is an award-winning cachaça, a Brazilian rum dating back to a 1900 riverfront farm.

The cachaça recipe has been handed down through the generations to Roberto Brasil, who comments: “When I think about packaging, I always look for one that would make a person proud to have it on the table.”

The graceful “gondola” and the foil label application combine to tell a story of rich history and contemporary sophistication.

Silver Foil Emboss captured the golden glow of tradition and the warmth of the spirit to help drinkers with changing preferences see cachaça in a new light.

The Gouveia Brasil design team let the sumptuous caramel hue of the liquor do most of the persuading. The label acts as a stamp of  authenticity, with intricate die-cut edges and a rich black and gold palette. The result is a bottle that suggests it’s been saved for special a occasion, but begs to be opened tonight.