Granza Organic Wines




Bodega Matarromera SL


Fasson® Grape Touch FSC®



If you could bottle sustainability, it might look like the Granza line of wines. The wine itself is fermented from organic grapes. The bottles are up to 30 percent lighter than conventional ones. And the label is made in part from the natural byproducts of winemaking.

Javier Prieto, who led packaging design for venerable vitners Matarromera, says Grape Touch made the perfect finish for a product built around connection to the earth.

“The Granza line was created to embody the company’s commitment to organic agriculture, sustainability and overall respect for the environment. When we stumbled upon Fasson Grape Touch, we saw a perfect fit for our brand and the message we wanted to convey.”

Grape Touch delivered a green solution without sacrificing a clean look.

Grape waste—mainly skin, pulp and seeds—replaces 15 percent of the Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood fiber used in Grape Touch. But the facestock itself reveals little sign of its rustic roots. “We wanted to make the label as clean as possible, giving it a natural feel,” says Javier. Consumer response to the label material has been so positive that Matarromera is rewriting its label copy to tell its sustainability story.

Designed and printed by Etinsa.