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Avery Dennison


Europe, Spain

Heraldicca is one of five designs featured in the Avery Dennison Neoclassical inspiration envelope. It was designed by Calcco and created in collaboration with Grupo Argraf, Kurz, and Hinderer-muehlich.

“Fasson Skin Blanc FSC has the perfect grainy and compact texture, evoking the feel of a sandy vineyard soil,” says a Calcco representative. “An elegant and flexible paper that allows us to work with premium printing techniques such as overprinting on foil stamping and 3D embossing for the Heraldicca design.”

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While crests abound in wine label design this emblem impresses the imagination with its exquisitely detail. A rich card-room green frames the upturned body of what appears to be a scarab beetle with a crest blazoned across its belly. The three-dimensional embossing renders impeccably on the Skin Blanc, providing depth and character. 

The protruding appendages have been decoratively foiled in gold, eliciting the intricate detailing of royal couture. Even more magical, a luminescent foil has been used to create a sense of movement in the wings of this curious creature.

Printing Techniques
Digital printing, hot foil stamping, overprinting on foil stamping, three-dimensional embossing


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