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Latin America, Argentina

With its Imago brand, Grupo Peñaflor’s Trapiche Winery hopes to entice a new kind of wine-drinker—younger, easygoing consumers just discovering the pleasures of the grape. 

FutureBrand created a label that departs from tradition by deploying vivid colors and fanciful, detailed imagery. They needed material that allowed outstanding reproduction of both.

Fasson Cuvee Lineal Blanco helped Imago announce, “I’m different.”

Imago’s label is reminiscent of surrealism paintings, with their characteristic juxtaposition of imagery. It features an explosion of disparate, evocative objects suggesting fun, adventure, and possibility. It tells a story that’s dreamlike and subject to the viewer’s interpretation.

Fasson Cuvee Lineal Blanco’s tone makes the label’s colors appear even bolder. Its 100 percent cotton texture enhances the design’s slightly more regimented background of light horizontal lines—a quiet assurance that abandoning wine’s stuffy pretenses doesn’t mean giving up quality. Uncoated but resilient, the material was the right choice for a label aimed at millennials and a wine that comes with no preconceptions of what wine or life ought to be, other than excellent.

To learn more and see high resolution images of Fasson Cuvee Lineal Blanco, check out the material specifications.