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For the young vintners at Jelna, winemaking is a conversation with consumers—an ongoing dialogue among aficionados.

Mihaela Chifor, Marketing Manager at Sunimprof Rottaprint explains why extending that dialogue with an NFC-enabled “smart label” was a good fit for Jelna’s brand:

“Jelna communicates openly with their customers about how grapes are harvested and what the fermentation process consists of. They also employ innovation and technology when preparing the wine. So when we suggested piloting a smart label, they were open to it.”

Our NFC tags enable a richer connection between producer and consumer.

Hidden unobtrusively beneath the facestock and embedded with content readable by mobile app, the tag expands the wine’s story from the few lines found on most labels to a deeper, more satisfying dive for wine-lovers thirsty for details and used to getting them at a click.

Intuitivia Technologies, the developer of the idea and the software behind the NFC tags, offers consumers more information about the wine. For the winery the applications are seemingly endless, with detailed customer data seamlessly integrated within a CRM program for every label scanned.

Mihaela said the company tested the labels in the water and in the fridge since Sauvignon Blanc is served at 6 degrees Celsius. The solution endured all tests.

Guests at an introductory tasting embraced both the wine and the new technology enthusiastically. They also shared suggestions for information they’d like to see Jelna deliver via tag in the future, ensuring that this conversation is just getting started.