José Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino


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José Cuervo™


Europe, North America, Mexico

Since their founding in 1795, José Cuervo has been a pioneer in the tequila industry. In 2019, the brand relaunched their Tradicional Cristalino, a premium tequila made from 100% blue agave.

Tradicional Cristalino from José Cuervo is a premium Añejo that has been aged and distilled to create a nearly-clear tequila. With a flavor profile of fruity notes, spices, and a woody flavor, the tequila proves that simple ingredients can pack a complex flavor.

In collaboration with Avery Dennison, packaging design and branding company Stranger & Stranger worked with the tequila maker to create a label that reflects the luxury, exclusivity, and elegance of José Cuervo’s Tradicional Cristalino.


To create the label for Tradicional Cristalino, Stranger & Stranger chose Fasson Maille Blanc New FSC.

"We chose this uncoated stock for the neck, foot, front, and back labels. We used a lot of black-on-black ink tones, foils, and varnishes on this project and wanted to make sure you could still tell an uncoated stock was being used. We chose a stock that had some tooth and texture but also held the finishing treatments well. The Maille Blanc New FSC was selected for its visual texture and how it holds the different finishings," said a member of the Stranger & Stranger design team.

The design of the label and the printing and finishing methods were used to represent different elements of the José Cuervo brand. The long-held tradition of tequila agave ovens is represented in the metallic stock, while the new, modern direction the brand is taking with the rebrand of Cristalino is represented with the matte black paper.

“We wanted to reflect the heritage of the brand with a contemporary production style of tequila that is "Cristalino." Through our collaborative relationship with the José Cuervo owners, we mutually saw this product being a balance of old and new, and a celebration to reflect the uniqueness of the tequila,” said Stranger & Stranger.

Want to get a closer look at the toothy texture of Fasson Maille Blanc New FSC? The FSC-certified, wood-free paper has a light woven texture and handmade appearance. Check it out in our materials library.