Kadabra Wines


YG Branding and Design Experts


Estancia Mendoza Winery


Fasson® Cuvée Martelé Blanco


Argentina, Latin America

Estancia Mendoza, a renowned Argentine winery belonging to the department of Tupungato, and located at more than 1,000 meters above sea level, launched the first wine with augmented reality in the region—a novel and very useful tool for highly creative applications.

The launch of Kadabra revolutionized the world of wine thanks to its striking image and presentation strategy. Its introduction was accompanied with an Augmented Reality app with 3D animations, which invites consumers to interact with the label, obtaining different benefits and specific information on each product.

Estancia explains: “Although the focus of this launch was on innovative technologies, it was necessary to consider a creative visual that plays between the modern and the traditional. That is why the Fasson Cuvée Martelé Blanco from Avery Dennison was used for this project, a paper with watermark, uncoated, alkaline casting and with high resistance to abrasion, ideal for providing the classic profile and delicacy so sought after in wines.

“With the chosen label, the design work was inspired by a playful and magical world where the saturation of colors and the handling of brightness on the pure white of the paper stand out. As a final result, three presentations of different colors were obtained, each corresponding to the wine blend and all compatible with the mobile app.”