Livio Felluga


Spazio Di Paolo


Livio Felluga winery


Fasson® Cotton White


Europe, Italy

At the Livio Felluga winery, the illivio 2017 blend was created to embody family legacy, cultural heritage and ancestral connection. The historical wine and its uniquely revealing label were designed to celebrate the 85th birthday of their founder and father.

Designer and owner of Spazio Di Paolo, Mario Di Paolo had this to say:

“The challenge has been to take and transform the label through an emotional journey. We created two overlapping labels rich in cultural quotes, the first with the landscape finely decorated on the front side and printed on the backside; the second precious one, in reflecting gold, with the 3D baroque frame printed in white.”

A half century of history with Fasson White Cotton
The first layer of label on each bottle of illivio was designed to be opened and closed on one side. This outer label opens to unveil beauty and elegance as light plays off the mirrored interior, where the brand’s signature baroque frame is revealed. The interactive label represents the memory of the untouched hillside landscape the founder Livio Felluga saw for the first time, and the wonder he felt at mapping the area. The white cotton outer layer stands as a comfortable protector for the inner gold mirror, which together stand as a symbol and tribute to Livio Felluga himself.

Printed by Eurostampa