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Lokales Wasser




Lokales Wasser


Fasson® PP 50 Top Clear, Wash-Off adhesive


Europe, Switzerland

Lokales Wasser is a staple on every table in Zurich. The modern Fasson PP 50 Top Clear label with wash off adhesive is minimalist and clean—so simple it fades into the ambiance of upscale Swiss hotels and restaurants, elevating the entire dining experience.

Stefan Vollherbst, CPO at Vollherbstdruck comments on the groundbreaking nature of the product:

“This is a material with very high clarity, and that clarity is retained after lengthy immersion in water or in humid, chiller cabinet conditions. Adhesive and facestock performance and printability are great, and we were able to achieve a bottle design that looks as if it uses direct print with an almost invisible label material.”

Pure, premium contents deserve a clean, sustainable label application.
The label material for Lokales Wasser emits quality and purity at a glance, and enables sustainability. The “no label” design offers a minimalist aesthetic while the clear Wash-Off material provides good adhesive performance without hazing. Removable by a single wash cycle at an eco-friendly 65°C, the label fulfills the brand’s sustainability goals by delivering a bottle that can be rinsed and reused up to 30 times, all while amplifying the Lokales Wasser brand.