Marqués de Frías



Marqués de Frías is an albariño wine grown on the Iberian Peninsula in Galicia, Spain. Galician homes are well-known for their large picture windows that insulate from the cold and retain the warmth and natural light famous in this northwestern part of Spain.

To create the picturesque label for Marqués de Frías, designer Sergio Daniel García de Grantipo chose Fasson Paper Watermark 120 FSC, a sustainable label paper perfect for wine labels.

In the first rendering of the design, Sergio Daniel used a clear labelling material to create the look of windows, but the look and feel of the label turned out completely flat.


In collaboration with Avery Dennison materials expert Miguel García, Sergio Daniel opted to use Fasson Paper Watermark 120 FSC with a fine low relief. The new design and material, which allows light to filter through the wine and through the opening on the label, simulates a true window effect.

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