Peddlers Gin

Peddlers Gin




Peddlers Gin is made for adventurous drinkers. As the first gin to come out of Shanghai, the brand evokes the excitement and charm of the world’s largest trading port. With the Peddlers’ name as a nod to the secret societies that once thrived in the area. 

“A custom typeface was inspired by the local sign-writing of the time.” shares Joseph Judd, Head of Marketing at Peddlers Gin Company, about the distinctive lettering created in collaboration with Family Type. Judd also explained that, “The jade green of the bottle symbolizes purity in China and is used on address plates in Shanghai’s alleyways.”

Peddlers Gin

The label is printed on Fasson® Cotton White, a 100% cotton paper that provides a unique velvet finish which creates a highly tactile label. 

“We wanted the label to have a premium look and feel distinct from other brands.” says Judd, “We also wanted the material to complement our bold typeface, which was printed in black foil to stand out on the shelf. The unique texture and slight off-white colour of the label played perfectly into the brand’s Shanghai heritage story, and pairs well with the unique jade green color of the bottle.”

Peddlers Gin

True to form for a drink crafted for those who like a little thrill, Peddlers Gin launched by sending 100 top bartenders a mysterious antique key in a wax-sealed envelope stamped with the Peddlers’ logo. 

A week later, they received a bottle tucked inside a limited edition package, designed in collaboration with Think Packaging. “We created a Peddlers version of the traditional Chinese street game mahjong, where the gin was actually smuggled within a secret compartment.” explains Judd.

Peddlers Shanghai Gin and Barrel Aged Gin have been awarded bronze and silver, respectively, at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards and the distinct look of the brand is helping it gain a foothold among gin drinkers. “It was well received by all retailers and consumers in the markets where we launched,” says Judd, “with an immediate increase in sales and social media engagement.”