Side Project Brewing


Tim Bottchen (in-house)


Side Project Brewing


Fasson® 60# Black Vellum


North America

Side Project Brewing is a hidden gem in greater St. Louis. Brewer Cory King and his staff create unique varieties of beer tied together by a common theme: oak barrel aging.

Passion, experimentation, and patience drive the creation of Side Project’s rustic saisons, wild ales, and spirit barrel-aged ales.

For Double Barrel Derivation, a series of barrel-aged imperial stouts, converter Prime Package and Label recommended the Avery Dennison Black Vellum stock material. “In a sea of color, sometimes lack of color can be the most powerful visual,” says Tim Bohlke, marketing innovation manager for Avery Dennison.

“Every color tries to the ‘new black,’ but consumers still keep coming back to the original. Black paper labels make a bold statement for contemporary design,” he says.

FassonⓇ 60# Black Vellum helps signal that a bottle of Double Barrel Derivation holds something dark, rich, and delicious.

A bold label presentation counts for a lot. Both the label and material choice combine to create a more memorable drinking experience and can even alter a consumer’s perception of a beer’s value. Recent research by the Clemson University CUshopTM Consumer Experience Laboratory shows that beer labels printed on higher-end materials are likely to be perceived as more expensive than those with paper labels.