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Jordan Jelev, The Label Maker


Staro Oryahovo Winery


Fasson® Aqua Proof Silver



The tree had to stay. A carryover from earlier labels, it symbolized winemaking traditions passed down through generations. More important, consumers associated it with the brand. To distinguish it from the forest of lookalikes decorating other wines, designer Jordan Jelev reimagined the tree in luminous kaleidoscopic patterns that shoppers couldn’t ignore.

He reflects on how his choice of material helped:

“It has a very light beige nuance—almost white—that pairs perfectly with the very delicate opalescent finish of the surface. It was even more than what I expected—they shined so elegantly exactly because of the paper finish.”

Fasson Aqua Proof Silver was the perfect canvas for a design that is equal parts whimsy and sophistication.

Its distinctive, silvery semi-matt finish enables the tree to dazzle on the shelf. Dots and waves printed with transparent matt varnish add shimmering detail for the eye to follow; the hot foiled sections pop in playful pastels, signifying the lightness and fun one expects from a white wine. Jordan’s design is a reimagining of a familiar brand mark that sings above the monotone of competing labels. It promises wine-lovers that, while the wine inside might be traditionally crafted, it is thoroughly modern and anything but boring.