Tasty cuts



Avery Dennison


Fasson® 70# 100% Pure Cotton Wet-Strength


North America

Lope is one of several prototype label designs recently created by the Concept Lab, Avery Dennison’s in-house label and packaging design studio. Created by Brent Boyd, Lope was inspired by the everyday joy of eating cut up cantaloupe.

The brief was simple: showcase the new Fasson® 100% Pure cotton label material with a design that takes advantage of the material’s texture and printability. Brent said he had an idea in mind immediately. 

“I often have something that I’m recently inspired by that helps me get started on creating wine labels. For this one, I’d taken a picture of some cantaloupe that I had cut up and I loved the shapes and composition,” he said.


“I wanted to create a label that was bright, fun, and chunky.”

Lope is made with Fasson® 100% Pure cotton, a label with cotton texture with an adhesive designed to withstand moisture and stay adhered in the low temperatures necessary for chilling a white wine.

Lope will be featured at the 2020 Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento, California. 


About Brent Boyd

Brent has a background in silkscreening and letterpress printing techniques and his unique automotive background lends useful insight when creating the vast variety of prototypes that are made in the concept lab. Connect with him on Instagram or see his work on M_use.